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Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following authors and publications for permission to reprint in whole or in part, for the purposes of this web site only, material from newspapers, journals and other publications:

The Canadian Composer (CAPAC); Words and Music (SOCAN); CMC Ontario Region Newsletter; Musicanada (CMC); The Varsity (Univ. of Toronto); Canadian Jewish News; Temple Sinai Bulletin; London Free Press; Guelph Daily Mercury; Kitchener-Waterloo Record; Hamilton Spectator; The Sault Daily Star; Ottawa Citizen; Le Droit; CanWest (Montreal Gazette; Calgary Herald; Edmonton Journal; Vancouver Sun; Vancouver Province).

Barry Edwards; Robin Elliott; Tiiu Haamer; Gaynor Jones; Rick MacMillan; Timothy Maloney; Sonja Sinclair.



Permission from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) has been kindly granted, for the purposes of this web site only, to reproduce recordings of CBC broadcasts of interviews with Oskar Morawetz, and with others on the subject of Oskar Morawetz and his music.

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All other audio clips are private recordings belonging to the archives of Oskar Morawetz.



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Digital reproductions of other photographs have been used with the kind permission of:
Victor Aziz Photography; Kaloust Babian; Cavouk Portraits; Albrecht Gaub; V. Tony Hauser; GAMMA Press USA; Paul Hoeffler; Arnold Matthews; Swarre.


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